Ways of the Natural World was originally an idea to become a platform where Tolga could share little snippets of his career journey in wildlife biology and conservation. While that is still his main goal through the blog, over the years it has also focused on additional topics such as the current conservation and environmental related issues which are occurring across the planet.

Us humans tend to get so caught up with life in today’s society and the problems that burden us, that we, unfortunately, forget about the beauty of the natural world which is all around us. Tolga successfully reminds us of that missing link, by sharing his passion and enthusiasm through his career journey.

Follow him on his journey and view the natural world from a different perspective. Witness the species of wildlife that inhabit our planet and the wild spaces that require protection to enable these species to exist. We’re all a part of this world, and what we do to this planet, we do to ourselves.

Tolga Aktas is an aspiring wildlife biologist, explorer, photographer and filmmaker. Find out more